Got an Old or Junk Car? Here’s How To Sell Your Car Easily

Did you know that there are thousands of properties throughout Melbourne that have old or junk cars that are sitting unused in the backyard? It can be a huge hassle to sell a car sometimes, especially if there is something wrong with it. Perhaps it is wrecked, unwarranted, unregistered or simply not in good shape – regardless of what is wrong with it, the idea of selling it can seem daunting. This has results in many vehicles being left and hidden away in backyards, front yards and garages.

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, it can actually be quite an easy process to get rid of an unwanted car. The most obvious answer would be to sell it – however – there is a possibility that you can put some time and money into your car and get it into a working state once again. Take a look at the ‘Repair Your Car‘ page for some helpful information on getting your old or junk car into a road worthy state.

Sell Your Car in Melbourne

How to Sell Your Car for FREE

There are a few easy ways that you can get rid of your old or junk car for free Рso before you go paying for expensive costs involved with having your vehicle towed and dumped, check out these suggestions!

Friends and Family

Selling your car through friends and family is an easy way get rid of your car without paying any fees. Through your friends and family, there may be someone who is looking for an old or junk car (perhaps to restore or for parts). Put up a notice at work, text around your friends and family or even make a post about it on Facebook that you’re looking to sell your car.

Cash for Car Companies

Did you know that car wreckers in Ringwood and beyond will pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for both old and junk cars? Take a look online for local car wreckers, browse through their websites and see which ones are willing to pay cash for cars – there’s more of them than you might think! Car wreckers love buying all makes and models of cars, as they generally dismantle them for car parts at their wrecking yard.

Free to list car selling websites

There are websites out there that are set up for the purpose of buying and selling cars. Before you list your car on any car selling website, be sure to take a look at their fees and charges. While some sell your car websites are free to list your cars, others may charge a listing or success fee.

What you can expect to get for your car

Although you’d love to get tens of thousands of dollars for your rusted, wrecked ute, it’s unlikely to happen. It’s important to be realistic on what you get for your car – especially if it’s old or junk. The price you get for your car will depend on what sort of condition it’s in. The following things will likely be taken into account:

  • Make, model and age
  • Exterior and interior condition
  • Current Warrant of Fitness
  • Current registration
  • Engine condition
  • Whether ti’s working or not

If you’re not sure what you think your car is worth, take it into a few different car wrecking yards and ask for quotes. You’ll soon get an idea of what it’s worth.